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 Joint Agent:
With the principle of cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation, SINOWON takes great sincere to welcome agents from all over the country. Please contact us and make further negotiations if you are in line with following conditions.
1. Great faith in metrology;
2. Long-term cooperation desire, with the concept of mutual development and successful cooperation;
3. Good economy strength and business credit;
4. Premium sales channels and methods, as well as ability to take on marketing tasks;
5. Authorized by SINOWON, strictly adhere to relevant policies and regulations, be a sole agent in specified region;
6. Willing to actively expanding distribution channels, improving brand image and manage distribution channels; No spanned sales, lower-price disturbing and other acts that violate the distribution agreements.

Application and Authorization

1. Application
Written request from an applicant to SINOWON, fill in the reseller application form, submit copy of business license copy of ID card of the legal representative, copy of tax registration, permit for opening bank account photocopy.

2. Assessment
SINOWON will take integrated investigation of the applicant, after passing the assessment to discuss further cooperation, reaching agreement on specific terms of cooperation.

3. Certification
SINOWON submits application materials and assessments to headquarters for approval and for record. Applications perform their respective obligations according to the agent level.

4. Authorization
SINOWON makes the qualification of the applicant authorized by SINOWON. Sales staff receive a reply and the applicant signed a formal cooperation agreement in SINOWON format. The applicant officially become a SINOWON agent.

5. Agreement Evaluation
After the signing of the cooperation agreement, the assessment period is three months. After passing through the evaluation period, SINOWON has the right to recertificate agent for qualified according to sales amount. If qualified, appraisal certificate will be signed by party A to party B. If unqualified, the agreement automatically terminates.

6. Authorization Assessment
Starting from the signing date of the agreement, the agents will be assessed once a year, comprehensive rating indicators include sales agents of progress, payment status, customer feedback information, implementation of the annual plan, marketing policy, and so on.

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