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2015 Sinowon Trip to Guilin  
We had a short Trip to Guilin during April10th-13th. It was really a nice day when we arrived at Guilin. Spring rain had just washed the sky and the sun came out driving away coldness. 

All of us put pressure away and enjoyed the beautiful scenery in Guilin. Only laughter and happiness embraced us.
The first station of our trip was Guilin city. We have visited Zizhou park, which was famous for a mountain named Trunk mountain. Then we went sightseeing on the Yanzi Lake on a boat. The old captain taught us to sing their folk song which is very interesting.
The second station was Yangshuo, a small town but very nice. Lijiang ,the most gorgeous and romantic lake in China surrounded by continuous mountains. We have snapped series of pictures looked like drawings. When the boat strives to run the upper reaches of Lijiang, one of the guys in our company Sinowon shouts at the distance: Who does not advance loses ground. Then the cry for our dream--passat future, achievement dream has gone up again and again. Everybody else connects Yangshuo with West Street. Many small bars are located in West Street, and there are also many peddlers selling local artwork there. As darkness fell, young travelers come out in swarms and a busy night began. Boys and girls put off their suits wearing fashionable shirts and skirts. We walked in groups of three and four talking and laughing all the way. It was really a whole new experience.
The last day we visited Totem Road and watched a show called Li shui gu yue. People there all danced and sang and it seemed that all of us came from the same ethnic. At that time, i made it clear that what kind of company have i joined in. That is a company with such kind of persons who devote themselves to making quality control more accurate and uncomplicated and living a simple and happy life. Finally we walked through Silver Cave. It cost us almost half an hour to come out. The scenery in the cave was so amazing that everyone stopped to appreciated.

Even though the trip was over, our heat still beat fast and strongly. There is a cry echoing in our mind: push the revolution of hardness measurement, make high quality product and change our life. God helps those who help themselves. We are absolutely certain we are going to make it in the world and leading a colorful life.