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2015 New Employees First Fantastic Player Killing  
In newborn smell of the grass sprout out of the earth, our company has injected fresh blood, for the first group of the new graduate employees, the 1th new employee PK contest held has also been wonderful.
The theme of PK contest, independently complete product display about three commonly used hardness tester, Brinell hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, Vickers hardness tester, and accept the judges questions, through the information resources they already had in hand. In two days of preparation time, 10 new employees according to their respective department is divided into three teams, randomly selected one of the products as display object, to complete the understanding and display of the product in team work.

2015年首届新晋员工PK赛精彩举行 2015年首届新晋员工PK赛精彩举行
Display by the leader of Domestic Business Group         Display by the leader of Trading Business Group
2015年首届新晋员工PK赛精彩举行 2015年首届新晋员工PK赛精彩举行
Display by the leader of R & D Group  Summary by Department Director
 Although new employees come from all over the country, and stepped into the company for the first day when they received the news of the PK game, but they are full of vitality, get fast access to the competition state, both division of labor, and to have the cooperation, give full concentration to the team spirit. Reading the information book, when encountering problems they took the initiative to ask the old staff actively. Taking the nail spirit sitting in front of the computer and to modify the product display PPT, everybody was being in the best state of mind in the PK game.
No pains, no gains. You reap what you sow. Finally the R&D team, stood out from the three teams, who made the first 2015 new employees PK championship with its accurate recognition of products, showcase, the shiny innovation points and questions actively vies to answer first, and interactive questions actively.

Regardless of the final result of the contest, the more important thing is that we wish new employees to take PK contest as a starting point, open the new chapter of the career in SINOWON, step by step, contribute to the development of the company, at the same time, realize their life values, in the flourishing harvest, harvest happiness!