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Dear customers, in order to ensure that you can buy suitable hardness tester, and protect you legal rights and interests, we recommend you read the “buying process” carefully before doing it.

Buying Process:

1. Please contact our sales representative by the authorized telephone, fax, e-mail, Skype MSN, QQ, and provide your detailed contact information and the product model you want so as to enjoy the best before sale service. 
Contact Information:
       Tel:0086 769-23184144-801
       Fax0086 769-22854144

If you have not found the specific model, please let us know you test requirement, then our sales representative will recommend you suitable products and models.

2. After we agree on the product quantity and prices, we will fax you sales contract together with payment information. Please sign the contract and arrange payment matters as soon as you get our fax.
3. Once we receive your contract and payment, we will deliver your product the first time.
Transport Modes:
4. Before signing for the goods, please check carefully whether the goods boxes are damaged, if not, you could sign for it. If it has been damaged, please refuse and take pictures for the goods. Then contact our sales representative the first time, and it will be handled as soon as possible.

5. After signing for the goods, please inspect and pre-test it according to the product list in the first time. If the goods is damaged and lost, please take pictures the first time and save the negative. Then contact our sales representative, and it will be handled as soon as possible. If not, please read the enclosed instructions carefully before you use it. Pay special attention to the security details and operate the equipment according to the operating procedure. Please fax us the warranty card to 0769-22854144, so that we could file your buying record and provide you the best after-sale service.
Thanks for your support and cooperation, and look forward to cooperating with you!
      Technical advice hot-line:0086 769-23184144
      Complaint line:0086 137-2828-8444
      Product feedback mailssinowon@188.com