Sinowon with 20 years of optical instrument production experience.

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Precision Measuring Machine Manufacturer and Supplier.

Sinowon with 20 years of optical instrument production experience, China's first-class R&D and manufacturing team, dedicated pre-sales and after-sales service team.

We mainly research, develop, produce, and sell geometric dimension measurement instruments and precision devices such as multisensory coordinate measuring machines, fully automatic vision measuring machines, 2D optical measuring machines, profile projectors (optical comparators), tool microscopes, video microscopes, and precision displacement platforms.

If you need industrial solution... We are available for you

We provide innovative solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market

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  • The Advantages of Vision Measuring Machine (VMM) Equipped with 3D Touch Probe

    3D touch probe, also known as the contact sensor, as an optional accessory on VMM, can be equipped with VMM to achieve multiple measurement modes, which provides the system with richer measurement capabilities and is suitable for different types of applications. 1. High precision trigger measur...